Accenture Trading, Investments & Optimization Strategy (ATIOS)
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Accenture Trading, Investments & Optimization Strategy (ATIOS)

An Accenture Strategy Group

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A key component of Accenture Global Strategy Division is the Trading, Investments & Optimization Group [TIOS].

Accenture’s TIOS Group, combines corporate strategy consulting with unique industry knowledge in the energy, agricultural and metals commodities Industry and global experience working with organizations focused on commodities production, trading, logistics and marketing. Our group is competing with the world’s leading consulting organizations to provide strategic advisory services to Ministries, Chief Executives and Senior Executives on Investments, Trading and Optimization strategy.

TIOS’ focus is summarized in three main areas:

• Investment Valuation & Financial Structuring: We work with our clients’ executives to shape and execute investment strategies, corporate restructuring, capital planning, pre-deal analysis, balance-sheet optimization and other core strategic priorities around their assets portfolio.

• Trading and Risk Management: We work with industry players exposed to commodity markets to develop advanced trading strategies, optimization & arbitrage models, required operational capabilities and risk & performance management models that support uplift in bottom-line earnings

• Commercial Optimization: We support our clients developing advanced supply & demand analysis of commodities relevant for their operating market, optimize their assets portfolio through new commercial and operational structures and develop advanced pricing models

Ogan Kose
Managing Director

Ogan Kose is a managing director in Accenture Strategy and leads Accenture Trading, Investments & Optimization Strategy globally. Overall, he has more than 15 years of experience helping commodity players with their earnings and risk management.
His primary focus areas are commodity trading, risk management, investment evaluation and financial analysis, pricing, and commodity contract structuring. At Accenture, Ogan has worked to help clients across multiple geographies, such as the United States, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.
He holds bachelor of science and master of science degrees in chemical engineering (Imperial College, London) and a master of business administration from Georgetown University. He is a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals and is a financial risk manager. He is based in London.

Xavier Veillard
Gallia Director "TIOS"

Xavier Veillard is a director in Accenture Strategy and leads Accenture Trading, Investment & Optimization Strategy in Gallia (France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).
Xavier has worked with natural resources ministries in EMEA and Asia Pacific countries and senior executives from global oil & gas and mining corporations advising on market liberalization, portfolio strategy, investments execution and asset- backed trading.

Xavier’s core expertise has been focused on balance sheet restructuring, assets financial valuation and trading arbitrage models for physical and derivatives commodity markets. Xavier authored a number of publications and articles on the commodities industry covering renewables, coal and oil & gas and rubber markets.
Xavier holds an Honors Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University in Canada and a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London. He is based in Singapore.

Roy Abou Tayeh

Roy is a Manager within Accenture Trading, Investment and Optimization Strategy Group. His functional focus areas include growth strategy development and operations optimization
At Accenture, Roy has worked with global integrated Oil & Gas companies, leading commodity trading companies and VC/PE funds across the globe including London, Madrid, Kuwait and Singapore
Prior to joining Accenture, Roy worked in the field of Operations Management. He is a published researcher in the field of Optimization & Queuing Theory.
Roy graduated from London Business School with a Master of Sciences in Management and holds a M.Eng. In Operations Research and B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut

Arash Dara
Middle-East Director "TIOS"

Arash Dara is Director of Accenture Trading, Investments and Optimization Strategy for the Middle East, based in Abu Dhabi.
Arash has worked on numerous operating model and organization design projects. He is skilled in optimization, forecasting and performance analysis & management projects and is adept at integrated business planning understanding the key requirements from strategy through to operations, execution and excellence.
Arash is experienced with strategic planning & execution, strategic performance management, marketing optimization, operating model and process design including organizational effectiveness studies all within the energy industry. He has served multiple IOCs and NOCs, most recently working with KPC in Kuwait.
He holds an MBA from Imperial College, London

Björn Bernhardt
ASG Director "TIOS"

Björn is part of Accenture’s Trading, Investments and Optimization Strategy group where he leads practice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
He has over 8 years of consulting experience in the energy & commodities trading as well as the utilities industry and worked on national and international projects
Björn has also led and participated in process design and strategic governance programmes and projects, working closely with clients to understand current and future business needs
Björn is a graduate of J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main with a master degree in Economics and studies at the University of Southampton (UK).

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Consultancy - Strategy

We are looking for highly talented individuals with a strong quantitative background and preferably with some pre-existing knowledge of corporate and market finance to support the delivery of projects led by the global strategy group.

Consultants will also be expected to play an active role in supporting business development activities including market research and project proposals development.

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